Tianjin Pergan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd (TPFC) is founded in 2002 in Tianjin, China. It is a Sino-German joint-venture with Pergan GmbH of Germany as the major share-holder.

Pergan GmbH is a leading Organic peroxides producers in Europe with complete range of peroxides serving the polymer production industries (polymer initiators), rubber processing industries (cross-linking peroxides), glass-reinforced polyester industries (hardener and accelerators) and paint-and-coating industries (polymer initiators), etc.. Pergan GmbH has also a wholly-owned organic peroxide plant in Marshall, Texas, USA.

TPFC manufactures wide range peroxides to meet the demand of  polymer production industries in China as well as export products to Europe to supplement the business expansion of the parent company Pergan GmbH.  TPFC also import various  peroxides from Pergan GmbH for the Chinese market.

TPFC is conveniently located about 30km away the Xingang port of Tianjin. Tianjin is the 3rd largest industrial city of China, next to Shanghai and Beijing. Thus TPFC is readily equipped with various resources and infrastructures, including high quality human resources to serve the need of our customers locally as well as internationally.

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